XL Bar Wrap

Have you ever considered setting-up two bars side-by-side? Yes!

Did you wonder what it would look like? Yes!

Look no further. Here you go.

Now here's the hard question...

Would you prefer to use one bar wrap on each bar? Maybe...
Or would you rather use one XL bar wrap around both of them? Actually - yes!

We can make ANY and ALL of our designs X-Large.

With an XL bar wrap, you can instantly "hide" the few inches between your two bar frames and create one XL bar that can accomodate and serve many more guests. Make a more promiment statement at your party and impact the decor to a whole 'nother level. We have even had a customer set-up four bars to create one large circle.

We proudly print all of our fabric covers in-house so that we can oversee quality and efficiency. We print full-color digital designs from scratch - so the canvas is yours to create as much or as little as you'd like. 

Interested? Want a free mock-up? Great! 

Contact Us for stock designs or Upload Your Artwork for custom designs.

Here are some photos of XL bar wraps that our customers already love!