Assembly Instructions

 Best of Times Assembly Video - Hyper Mode (15 seconds)

Best of Times Assembly Video - Regular Mode (2 minutes)

Best of Times Product Manual - Click to Download

Best of Times Repacking Instructions - Click to Download


Set-up in Minutes. Really.

The Best of Times Portable Bar can be set-up in minutes with no tools required. You read that right. It helps to review the video (even our hyper mode version) to get the idea of where everything goes and from there it should be pretty quick.

If you get stuck - call a friend...or should we say, "watch a friend". You can fast forward through the assembly video regular version to get a close-up look of the step that you might be missing. And we can pretty much guarantee that once you set-up your bar, you'll be best friends.

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Hope you enjoy your Best of Times Portable Bar as much as we know you will!
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