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You. Are. Awesome.

1. We provide a custom full-color 3D mock-up & quote for you.

2. You can request any revisions you'd like.

3. After all is approved to print - then we will send you a link to pay for your custom invoice entirely online.

Submit Your Custom Request - Click Here!

drinks are on my - custom portable bar inquiry

The Possibilities are Endless.

Buy your bar once and use it over and over again.

Ask yourself the very difficult question: "Do I want the bar, umbrella, and/or stools or 2 bars to put side-by-side to make one large one?"

If you're not sure, request a quote for everything. We'll provide a full color mock-up that will show you what your logo, your design, your vision will look like.

How exciting, right?

...and the fabric wraps are all interchangeable.

Wait - what?!?!

Yes. Once you own your first full package - which includes the bar "hardware" (bar frame, shelves, cooler insert and deluxe wheeled bag) - yes, that is all included with a full package purchase - then you can own as many different fabric wraps that you want.

Wrap your bar with one design then change it up for a completely different look. You can literally cheer on your favorite sports team during morning and celebrate an elegant birthday party that same evening.

Dress it up or dress it down. Use it how you do you.